Monday, July 16, 2007

Frugal Bastard's Hawaii Trip 2007 - 29/5/07

Packing up and washing day. Only trouble was the washer took 33 minutes but the dryer about an hour. Did two loads of washing and whilst waiting for the second drying sequence we checked out and did some shopping in Lahaina.

Downtown Lahaina

After shopping, the temperature was 100F if you believe it, we folded up our clothes and spent 1 1/2 hours driving to Pai'a heading for Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center - some art house that Miky had seen in an art magazine. It certainly was not worth the trouble as they were renovating and there was almost nothing to see. We ate our lunch in the post office car park as there weren't too many places to park in the town of Pai'a.

Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center

Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center building

Totem pole at Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center

Returned to Kahalui and went shopping at Big KMart. What a disappointment. The guy in the electronic department didn't understand English too well and wasn't interested in serving me. I asked about a top 20 album chart and he told me that only Walmart did that. I don't understand how KMart expect to sell anything, especially if a Dolly Parton album is about the latest offering. Hair colouring was cheap though. Miky found some Kelloggs classic style mugs, bowls and plates to buy.

Filled up the car with fuel, damned expensive on Maui, and found the airport easily enough. Checked in and whilst going through carry-on screening Miky got picked on again for her cosmetics. They didn't say anything about the 236mL of sunscreen that was in my bag.

Yu-Jin had to sit in the row behind us so he had no-one to talk to as the passenger next to him was Korean. Only arrived at the gate 15 minutes before boarding time.

Hotel, Aqua Coconut Plaza, in Honolulu is ok with only a king size bed. Kitchen utensils are a little lacking. Two and a half stars is about right.

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Anonymous said...

If prices are too high,you can always order on line. Those L's are doing awful. You came out a winner. Good luck!!! Annette Have fun with your family. Price should'nt be that bad while on vacation, you should enjoy yourself. Can you use coupons there from the Paper?? Good luck. A lot of Japaneese there, you cannot own land from what I understand in Hawaii. It is a law from what I have been told.