Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Top AFL Tipper Of The Week

Last weekend I tipped 8/8 for the AFL. It's the first time this season, in 17 rounds, that this has happened. It's been a pretty sad year really for tipping. The competition is hard to pick and some lesser-known teams are shining at present. I thought that I would be up there with the best in the AFL Footy Tipping competition. After that great result I am now ranked 57,622 out of 163,971 tippers in the 2007 AFL home and away season. Surely the weekly result must have been right up there? Taking into account the margin game from the Friday night, which was a blow out when I had expected a tight contest, and my ranking, I came in at a lowly 1093rd best for the weekly tipping. A total of 1576 people scored 8/8 for the round.

Some of the people ranked higher than me for the round scoring eight had names like "I hate footy tipping", "Go Dees", "bomber boy", "Colinrearbum", "russianbabe", "imhot" and "boof". The names people call themselves cracks me up.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck just don't replace your lovely wife with that new car!! ha ha Annette