Friday, July 27, 2007

Five Things I Have Never Told Anyone On This Site Before...

I've been tagged by Lori to tell you five things that I've never told anyone on this site, but I will resist the challenge to make them about saving money. This should test the old brain cells.

1. I once went about 12 months without swearing. Bugger that for a joke.
2. The longest I've stayed awake for is 32 hours. Then I fell asleep on the back of a motorbike.
3. I enjoyed playing netball at primary school electives when overlooked for any of the boy's sports. Held my own let me tell you. Did it again for the following electives.
4. Took a screamer over the opposition captain in a football grand final on his home ground and then proceeded to kick underneath the man standing the mark.
5. I've never been beaten at the board game Ubiquity.

Who to tag - I'll try Joe and Hammy's Mum.


Anonymous said...

I made love to someone famous who is a jerk. I fell in mud and had my naked butt in the air when my panties broke when a cop was looking for someone with a flashlight. He looked at my naked butt and I was embarassed.I got scared by someone dressed up as Jason from Friday the 13th who had a chain saw and I peed my pants. I went to court for false charges and farted on the stand ha ha I was at a pool and my whole bathing suit came off. Embarassing and private. The Ls stuff I could not and should not put on here. You may want to erase this. Annette Just think if you are having a bad day it could be much worse. Annette

Anonymous said...

Rita's Top five money saving tips.. I got a top notch tv from a friend on payments for cheap. I got a great car for only $900.00 US dollars from a rich guy. I got a box of free top notch clothes from a friend because, I did not have barely any. I got free drugs from a Columbian drug cartel leader and they worked for free. I got tons of free food for working at a resteraunt. They gave free meals for employees each work day. You may want to erase this. I am A's friend. Have a great day!!! Rita