Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Frugal Bastard's Hawaii Trip 2007 - 30/5/07

Miky spent the day shopping. Yu-Jin and I caught #52 bus up to Pupukea Beach (meaning "white shell") after reading about the great snorkelling there. It was a 1 hr 45 minutes ride from the Ala Moana Center. The beach wasn't that impressive but there were quite a few people there, including many Texans. Few fish to see but a great many sea urchins. I was too scared to put my feet down. At one stage I counted 16 sea urchins on one rock on the side that I could see. Yu-Jin didn't want to snorkel but did a lot of swimming.

Pupukea Beach

Click it or ticket - I love Hawaii's seat belt slogan

After having a shower and getting changed I asked one guy with SCUBA equipment if there was a place to eat nearby. He thought that the nearest place was five miles away in Waimea.

We walked about a minute and came across a grill. Whilst waiting for our burger and fries one guy sitting next to us was feeding the chickens that surrounded us. He even fed them a piece of chicken. Just as we finished our meal we made our way to the bus stop - which was located across the road from a Foodland supermarket.

Two hours later we arrived at the Ala Moana Center. Looked around for a Linkin Park CD and bought a pineapple ice cream. Back to the hotel where I had a short nap. After tea I went to my mate Wayne's house and didn't return until nearly 2:30am. Good to catch up with him - we travelled around Japan and Seoul together in 1996.

Coconut Plaza Hotel balcony view

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Anonymous said...

I had thier style pizza with pineapple today!! It was great. I bet the ice cream is great!!! Have a blast!! Great photos. Annette