Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Where Does The Weekend Go?

Saturday morning did see a bit of excitement with that accident. The boy had a birthday party to go to just after lunch. Once again it was at Jungle Gym in Willeton. We haven't seen the family of his best friend since last school holidays. He had a good time but during the meal the boys were only interested in burping and farting. Seven year olds. Later that night we went to our favourite Japanese restaurant in Vic Park - Senoji. The kangaroo that Yu-Jin and I had was fabulous.

Jungle Gym in Willeton

Another pic of Jungle Gym

Sunday morning saw us fruit and veg shopping in Subi. And who should we bump into but the birthday family from yesterday. Then the boy and I went to Auskick in Riverton to see if he would like to play. Yes, was the answer. Back home for lunch and to clean the house. Following that we headed off to Belmont to watch a taekwondo tournament. We knew a few of the competitors who ended up winning trophies. There were some great skills on display and a few poor fighting techniques. Good for Yu-Jin to see what goes on. I managed to stay up to watch the first set of the men's final at Wimbledon. It was the first time I'd seen any tennis as the tv coverage is abysmal in Australia. Shame on you Channel 9 for ruining one of the world's major sporting events.

I didn't get time to read more than a few pages of the sports section in the paper. The weekend just goes.


Anonymous said...

Cool please take all of the L's back!! We beg of you!!! They could go to that 7year old's funhouse and have burping plus farting contests since, that is mostly what they do anyway(if anything at all). Glad you had fun!! Have a nice week and beware of those damned mean Ls ha ha Annette But seriously??? I know No way right?

Anonymous said...

If you truly do know those L Nit wits are they just naturally bad or what? They have to be the worst S.O.B.s in the entire world. They are beyond insane!! Have a great rest of the week!! Annette

Anonymous said...

I am dead serious please take them back!!! They are beyond nasty and are a pain in the ass!!! Sorry to curse but, I cannot stand them!! Have a great rest of the week. Hopeully they won't run over anyone else since they drink like a fish!!! They think they are superior humans!! HA Annette

Hammy said...

Don't abuse drugs, children.

Anonymous said...

You are on to something. They do that too. They may even be connected to the Zodiac killer. Be sure to view his wanted poster on the Net. Tell us if it is true. Ugh save us you are obviously smart. Have a nice day and please update soon. Lily