Friday, July 06, 2007

Jason Lane Kidnapped In Nigeria

******* NOTE *******

This post has been significantly altered to clear up some inconsistencies so the comments might not appear to make sense.

Jason Lane that has been kidnapped in Nigeria. I studied at trade school with a Jason Lane in Mount Gambier. He was a bit of a dill but I've never heard a bad word against him and wouldn't wish anything bad to happen to him. Further info indicated that the Jason Lane kidnapped is 38, and his father lives in Mount Gambier, and the guy I know would be about 33.

I'm prepared to take the anonymous comment at face value that he is a top bloke and I do hope that he, and his fellow kidnappees, are rescued safely.

****** BREAKING NEWS *******

He's safe - news report.

And the photo included in this report shows a man whom I don't know. Glad to hear that he is safe.


Anonymous said...

You should erase this. They are possibly part of a group of other Lane's that are part of a Muslim group that believes in slavery. I don't like how they find slavery acceptable. No offense if you are Muslim not are all bad but, they do have that group there and groups of them allover the world that find slavery and terrorism ect.. ok This is what victims and witnesses claim. Good luck. Please erase. Thanks, Annette. You have lovely animals I wish we had here.

James said...

Or maybe it was the Jason Lane that we did trade school with, but then I suppose it still would be that karma thing.

Hammy said...

I swear, my memory is shot. Old Laney. It is sounding like it might be him in fact.

Hammy said...

Crikey, if it was Laney then he's not the amoral, irresponsible idiot that I'm thinking of. If it is him then that is a bit too close to home. Hopefully he'll be alright.

How come everyone called Jason that I've met is a bit of a dill?

Don't worry so much Annette. It's Jason Lane, and the other kidnap victims, that we should be worried about.

lori said...

see, i believe in karma.

danny green beat me up when we were at school together at Newman College.

I always wished that he wouldn't win anything in boxing, and now it looks like he will retire, not quite reaching the top of his game.

mebbe not quite the same thing, but karma is a bitch :-)

Anonymous said...

IF it is this bad group who also use other names and identities than maybe they are getting the X10 rule back. Everything you send out and do you get back X10. It could be just nasty gossip but, these people are gaining a nasty reputation. There are some whites working along side Al Queda. It could be someone killed them for thier identity claiming to be them. There is all kind of bad stuff and good stuff going on. Just be careful and aware. The terrorists are all over the globe now of all races. Good luck Annette Some are claiming they are linked to recent bombings and other illegal things. They have been seen with weapons. Be careful and yes they don't fix things they break it is claimed. I need more evidence but, they claim they are just rotten!!1

Hammy said...

I'm glad I never put any money on a Danny Green fight and I won't be messing with you Lori. You don't practice voodoo, do you?

Anonymous said...

I know this person. He is the sweetest guy you could meet, and would do anything for anyone. Jas has never worked at Plummer's Industries, so you must have the wrong person. This Jason Lane, the whole town Knows and loves, has several well known nicknames. If you know him as you claim too, what are these nicknames? If it is the same person, you should know them, if not remove thisIf you would be so kind as to remove the rubbish you have written here about my friend. We just want him home safe.

lori said...

haha. No, but it is said that I come from a long line of witches :D