Friday, July 20, 2007

Bus Drivers Can't Have Dreary Jobs

I've often thought that bus drivers must have dreary jobs. They drive the same way each day, unless they are on some sort of rotating shift, meet the same people, experience the same traffic congestion, etc. You hear them on the radio back to base occasionally and seeing as there must be about 2000 buses on our roads, (I'm only guessing) surely something happens.

Yesterday I was standing on the bus as all the seats were taken and I heard a lady bus driver on the radio. She was calling the base to alert the police to an assault. Apparently a light-skinned aboriginal woman was being beaten up by a darker-skinned aboriginal man in Thornlie. The woman had blood running down her face. The bus driver was a bit distressed about the situation and had tried to get the woman on the bus but the man assaulting her wouldn't allow that to happen. Comments like, "She doesn't deserve the beating she is getting", and "She's getting the crap beaten out of her" indicate that this bloke wasn't holding back and didn't care who saw.

Would you intervene? The driver had tried to intervene but was unsuccessful. I guess if you had tried to help out the assailant would realise that you are a regular user of that bus service and there's every chance that he would target that route until he found you. I think that aboriginals are quite violent when provoked, perhaps slightly moreso than the general public, so if I'd had the time to think about it I'd be unlikely to intervene. Let's hope the police caught the guy responsible. And let's have not of this "alleged" bullshit.


Anonymous said...

That's when you break out a STun gun or tear gas!! That will keep those wackos in line!! Have a great day!! We need a huge STUN gun for those NASTY LOOSER Ls!! They are a true menace to society!!! Your pals, Annette and friends.

tmz_99 said...

I don't think I'd intervene either (past calling the police.
In today's litigous society you would likely get sued or turned on by both of them.

Anonymous said...

The stun gun should be used to protect the other passengers if need be. Yes thye can sue but, stun guns don't do much damage. They would'nt get much money. Tear gas is'nt harmful either. It's the shock value they need. Those L's need to get off thier lazy ass and work. Have a great weekend!!! Annette