Friday, July 06, 2007

Do Americans Have Differently Shaped Mouths To The Rest Of Us?

Whilst in Hawaii recently I visited Taco Bell. I have fond memories of this fast food business from when I was in Reno in 1995 and they had a special of 12 tacos for US$2.99. You can guess where I had lunch every day of the week. So, I just had to drop in again to grab a bite to eat. Granted, the prices of tacos in Hawaii in 2007 is markedly different to Reno in 1995.

The reason I ask if Americans have differently shaped mouths to the rest of us is based on the drink container that I obtained in a combo meal. It's a plastic container which I've brought home as a souvenir, and use at work, although it is not a collectable. I like it because it is huge. In fact, it holds one litre of fluid, which is a very odd measurement for a country that uses bastardised Imperial measurements. But when you drink from it the lip is shaped so that it is nigh on impossible not to spill some. I'm curious as to how Americans in their millions put up with it and it hasn't been redesigned. I find it most unusual. Don't Americans have any problems drinking from it? Or is it just part of the culture to spill a bit of drink down your shirt?

And one litre of soft drink is over the top if you ask me. No wonder they have such problems with obesity if that is an acceptable drinking standard.

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Anonymous said...

Ya we have a 69 cent huge soda for the summer time at fast food places!! We like our big lips ha ha These lips were made for drinking and that's just what I'll do!! What about the Australian mob we have them over here!!! They have all kinds of interesting gadgets ha ha Annette They are a quite large but, cool group!! Any idea what jeebus means?