Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Racist Attack Or Not?

Since we've been here, in our house, our letterbox has been targeted many times. Once I thought the missus had backed the car into it as it was so badly damaged. But there was no evidence of damage on the car and she said that it wasn't her. Obviously some young punk gave it a decent kick.

Just recently I've noticed another dent, a sizable one, in the letterbox. And only a few nights ago somebody put graffiti on the letterbox. Miky is adamant that it is a racist attack because there is a swastika on it. I don't buy that. There are any number of examples of graffiti in this area and she shouldn't feel that she is the one being targeted. Heck, the neighbour's letterbox has been bashed around and, being a wooden one, has even been knocked off its perch.

It's not some racist gang but much more likely to be some silly young punks with nothing better to do and no realisation of the hurt that they cause. Needless to say, the missus is pretty upset by the incident.


tmz_99 said...

that's fucked. It indicative of a larger problem that Perth is experiencing that is a result of a number of things.
1.) lack of discipline and values implanted in children growing up by parents
2.) lack of proper allocation of resources by the police, if they were to tackle the problem at grass-roots levels, with working with the community and cracking down on this sort of behavious they wouldn't need to spend time chasing hoons. (but mostly #1)

I would see how this would appear racist, and it probably is. Some angsty teenager has nothing to lash out at, so he picks whatever comes to mind.

Hammy said...

I'm not sure what I would do if I could somebody doing this. One would certainly want to do much more than the laws allow or the police condone.

I hate senseless destruction of private properly. As well as public property.