Saturday, November 18, 2006

How To Get A Seat On The Bus

Sure-fire way to get your own seat on the bus. Last night, heading towards the uni incidentally, there was a girl in the early rows with almost bright green hair. As I wasn't stepping onto the bus my first thoughts were, "I'll steer clear of that weirdo." I think that everyone else had the same idea. Nobody sat next to her and they gave her a bit of a wide berth as they went down the aisle.

She looked nice enough. Somebody should tell her that Halloween, which we don't celebrate in this country, finished nearly three weeks ago and that she should stop scaring little kids. Mind you, the hair colour looked alright. It was just a bit confronting though. Perhaps she did it to raise money. Or for a bet.


Anonymous said...

Personally, when I had purple hair, it was because it looked nice. And, oddly, even though I live in a very conservative area, I actually had MORE people approach me than I do when it's its normal black.

Hammy said...

Must have been a nice shade of purple. People that don't have black hair originally and dye their hair black, gothic style, are truly scary.

I know a bloke who stuck a ring through his nose, some 12 or 13 years ago, and he really picked up some chicks because of it. Not that he was into piercings much but it just struck a chord with the opposite sex.