Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Buses Are Filling Up Lately

A couple of ocassions lately have seen the local bus drivers stop people from boarding as the bus was already full. Legally most of the buses are only able to take 64 passengers with about 45 of them sitting. I've had to stand a couple of times for part of the journey but sometimes I am grateful for the fact that I have a multirider ticket and don't need to purchase a ticket. That allows me to get the last available seat on the odd ocassion.

Perhaps as I didn't take the bus before the rise in petrol prices I'm not best placed to comment on how full the buses are but it does seem a little unusual to see them so crowded. There are a great number of buses that go past my stop early in the morning.

Just make sure that you have a ticket and are the first to get on at the bus stop. Or maybe even walk in the opposite direction to the previous bus stop to ensure that you get a seat. Oh, and give them up for the pregnant ladies or elderly people.

There was one bitch, let me tell it as I see it, who didn't bother to remove her bag from a seat, even though lots of people were standing, until someone said, "Excuse me" and motioned to sit down. Can't stand people like that. And she was on the bus again this morning sitting in the aisle seat and hogging the window seat with her bag. One of the hair dyed black and piercings all over the place mob.

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honkeie2 said...

You could start a daily rant on the "Bus People". Take pics of them as well.