Monday, November 06, 2006

If Only My Wife Had Been My Woodwork Teacher

The original pantry doors. What on earth were the previous owners thinking by putting these in with the lovely jarrah door jambs?

The missus had me busy on the weekend again. On Sunday I put the flyscreen in the new pantry doors. Bit of a tricky job and moreso than I had planned. Not having done this sort of thing before I did a better job on the second screen. Well, the missus came and had a look and did she go beserk.
"You never do a professional job. I'm going to pay somebody with your money to do the job next time." On and on she went.

I noticed that there was enough flyscreen to have another go if I could just get the framework holding it in position out without damaging it. Managed to prise it out with a chisel without doing any damage and did a much better job of it the second time around.

All I needed was a little encouragement in the form of a rabid wife. I must say that it looks close to magnificent. If only my wife had been my woodwork teacher when I was at school. Perhaps I would be a woodworking genius by now.

Newly stained pantry doors without flyscreen.

Pantry doors with flyscreen.

The finshed pantry doors.


gleek said...

hahah, i love your wife's threats :) they seem to be very effective.

Hammysmum said...

I think you should give your father some lessons. He doesn't have the same incentive, as you, to do the job, let alone such magnificent work.

Hammy said...

Don't mess with a woman who threatens to spend your money.

I always thought that my old man was very handy and could turn his hand to anything.

Hammysmum said...

Not in or on the house!

Anonymous said...

Obviously Mr Ferris thought that you didn't need too much help in wood work,not that i remember you doing it after year 10. But i guess getting roared at will make you do better!!!
seeya deb

Hammy said...

Mr Ferris gave you a hard time if he thought that you needed it. There were other people in the class more deserving of a good roaring though. He made an example of my work on occasion as in "how not to do it".

Hammysmum said...

unfortuneatly, there are still some 'Mr Ferris'' in the teaching profession, who delight in humiliating less talented students.

honkeie2 said...

Amazing what a little encouragement can do and along with the threat of taking a mans money from him. Great job!

Hammy said...

Thanks Honk.