Thursday, November 30, 2006

I've Taken Up Jogging. Apparently.

Last night I left work almost 10 minutes late. Outside the building I noticed a bus that I could catch on the other side of the traffic lights further down the road. I found a gap in the traffic and ran across the road. I kept running towards my bus stop which is a couple of hundred metres away. The bus past me. I kept running, refusing to wave my arms like an idiot or yell out "Stop the bus!" The bus pulled up at the bus stop. I kept running. A lady at the bus stop moved to board the bus, backed away, and then boarded the bus. I kept running. By this stage I was thinking it would be pretty bad if the bus pulled away leaving me there. But, I kept running. Thankfully the bus driver stayed long enough for me to catch the bus.

This morning I was approaching my stop when I saw the bus at the intersection. I thought if there is turning traffic, meaning the bus would have to wait a few seconds, I may have a chance. There was turning traffic. I started running. The bus took off. "Damn it" I thought. I stopped running. I noticed three people waiting to board the bus. I started running again. The bus didn't have to wait for me as the people boarding took long enough.

I don't know how healthy this jogging is however. Might give it up if I can organise myself a few minutes earlier each day.

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Hammysmum said...

Getting up earlier would help, but it is not always possible. You still might get held up.