Friday, December 01, 2006

Christmas Party 2006 - Trip To Rotto

Our Christmas party this year was all planned for a boat trip to Rotto, or Rottnest Island for those not in the know, as it has been for the last four years. My first experience of it though as I've only been with the company for just under two months.

All week we've had unsettled weather so to be greeted with nearly clear skies and hardly a breath of wind was delightful. Dropped the boy off at school and headed down to Rous Head just north of Fremantle. I wasn't quite sure where to go but when I saw one of the ladies from the office I knew that I was in the right place. Our two charter boats departed from the jetty at the Perth Diving Academy.

The other charter boat leaving Rous Head.

We made a bit of a wake on the trip over.

The trip over was a little bit rough and Miky didn't feel too well. Despite taking seasickness pills prior to the voyage. Sid, on the other boat, threw up. He certainly didn't enjoy the trip over.

Who brought the bloody Pom?

Gone for a dip.

The rocks next to Parakeet Bay.

We anchored in Parakeet Bay. There were plenty of drinks and munchies. A few people brought wetsuits and took the plunge. I put my boardies on and went in for a dip. Bit cold to start with but I swam to shore and then turned around again. Henry lent me a mask and snorkel and I swam to the reef nearby and saw some marvellous seaweed, reef and fish. Can you believe that I've never snorkelled before? It was fantastic. Cramp struck both my calves, must be a bit unfit, but the current sent me back out to the boats pretty quickly.

Lunch was a mixture of salads, char-grilled chicken, sausages and steak. Went down nicely.

Snags on the BBQ - bloody bewdy.

Following that just about everyone went to the beach for beach cricket. Excellent stuff with one fantastic catch taken with a beer in one hand out in the water. The guy didn't spill a drop even though he fell over in the process.

About half past three we headed back to Perth. It was quite a bit rougher on the way back. Rene, who was upstairs, had a spew over the side. Just as we entered the harbour Miky had a spew over the side. I don't know how they faired on the other boat which was a bit smaller and therefore more conducive to a good ol' chunder in the rough seas.

Rene's spew - didn't he get a cheer from the boys!

Only when I had a shower later did I realise that my back and shoulders were burnt along with the top of my feet and just below my knees on my calves. I hadn't planned to be in the water for too long without a shirt or sunscreen as the water was likely to be really cold. Perhaps I have a bit more body fat as the water didn't bother me and I obviously stayed long enough to get burnt. And all day I had been worried about other people getting burnt. It's not too bad though.

My sunburnt back.

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Hammysmum said...

I dunno. We are all descended from the greatest seafaring race on earth, and yet people get seasick when there is mild turbulance. Got me beat. Nice the see your camera is 'back on deck'. Pretty expensive 'hair removal!'