Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Biggest Loser - Call Centre Special

After watching the movie, A Good Woman, last night, we flicked the telly on and caught some of the finale of the American "The Biggest Loser". I'm not sure how long the contestants had to make their weight loss but 50% of your bodyweight is astounding. I was flabbergasted to see someone who had been 140kgs shrink to 70kgs and look extremely healthy with no visible signs of flab. And to think of the person that they had started with and the athlete they had finished with. Amazing.

It got me thinking. A dangerous prospect I know. Why don't we do The Biggest Loser - Call Centre Special? There is a call centre in our building. There is good reason why call centres are on the bottom floors of buildings. I'd has at a guess that 70% of the employees are overweight to obese in the call centre. Elevators should not be expected to herd them about. Some people are extremely unhealthy and can't possibly feel good about themselves. I see people drinking soft drink and eating iced buns or big, greasy hamburgers in the morning. That's not what I can face at that time of the day.

Get The Biggest Loser team into our building and run a special for the call centre workers who require it. Fair enough, not everyone is in need of a serious bit of weightloss. Don't think that I'm singling them out. Help these people choose healthy lifestyles and feel good about themselves. There are plenty of bodies to work with.

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lori said...

omg.. you don't work @ 1 Adelaide Terrace in the city do you?!