Monday, December 04, 2006

Ben Cousins - You Idiot (Revisited)

Surprise, surprise. Ben Cousins, the "spiritual leader" of the West Coast Eagles has been arrested. This time on the charge of being drunk in a public place. I guess that's what happens when you leave a nightclub at 4:30am. Most people are bound to be drunk.

I immediately thought that he must have been with his partner-in-crime, er friend, Michael Gardner, when I heard that his arrest took place in Melbourne. And so it turned out to be. Unless he was being disorderly I don't consider the charge to be too serious though.

He's just proved that he is still an idiot. No outrunning the police this time. Can the Eagles dump him in time for the pre-season draft? It will be interesting to see how much they back their man this time. Involvment in a nightclub shooting, running from a booze bus and abondoning his car on a highway, drunk in public place. Wow, his achievements of winning a Brownlow Medal and a premiership are practically equalled by his public ineptitude and arrogance.

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tmz_99 said...

said it before say it again... players aren't there to be model citizens, they're human like everyone else.
As long as they perform on the field which is where their job takes place, that should be all that matters.