Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Sunroom Renovation Pretty Much Done

Going back to about June and forward to December, here are the progress photos of the sunroom that was only going to take 8-10 weeks to build. There are still some gaps to be fixed but they are due to be done today.

I spent all day Saturday painting the front door, installing the blinds and a window lock. Too much trouble. And Sunday morning was used to paint the door again. It's come up nicely though.


Even did the garden out the front.

It's come together fairly well. I'm guessing that it was worth the trouble. Makes the house feel like a home.


Hammysmum said...

At last! Now you have a proper front door. Loverly. Now I see what you meant about the roof line, and how it affects the neighbour's.

tmz_99 said...

looking good dude! :) time to ask your neighbout politely to straighten their fence :P Man, I can't wait to get around to doing back yard stuff... all the sand is making me crazy.

Hammy said...

The fence is one of the crappiest constructions I have laid eyes on. Usually a piece falls off about the time I need to borrow the mower from the neighbour, who promised to bring a cheque as part payment for the roof on her side a few days ago, and I fix it up. There's not much substance to it to allow the fix to be fixed properly. It's just not strong enough to hold its own weight.

gleek said...

wow, i love your porch. it looks great and is a nice addition to the front. congrats! it was a long time and coming.

Hammy said...

Gleek, you're not wrong about the time frame. I can be a patient man and the building boom at the moment tempered my attitude but I did get a bit sick of waiting. I didn't know that having a front door would feel so good.