Thursday, December 28, 2006

I Don't Like Butch Women

I don't like butch women. Especially when they have entered a male-dominated profession. Take the pro shop at the golf club. This is not a place for a butch woman to be working. It's a man's job. Unless the butch woman is a professional golfer.

The boy and I went for a hit at the driving range last night. I had a voucher for 30 free driving range balls that I'd been meaning to make use of for a couple of months. Yesterday, the 27th, I discovered that it expired on the 24th. Bummer. Thought I'd try my luck anyway. So I asked if there had been any extensions made on these vouchers. "No" was the very blunt and without any sense of humour response. If there had been a bloke I may have wangled it. I did ask to borrow a golf club for junior so that he could hit a few balls and she was happy to oblige. Also purchase a very nice golf umbrella as my Christmas present from my mum - thanks mum.

So the boy and I ventured to the range. There was a bucket with two balls left in it at one of the tees. I thought the boy should hit them off as nobody was using that station. I chucked the balls in the hopper and lo and behold some 15 or 20 balls came out. Bonus!! So Yu-Jin got to hit heaps of balls anyway.

The practice was good for me and I'm in need of lots more. It's been over three months since I last hit a ball in anger. Too long and some of my shots really showed it. Couple of really nice tee shots though.

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