Monday, December 04, 2006

Daylight Savings Is A Winner

Daylight savings is a winner, in my book at least. Day one of a new dawn was welcomed by Yu-Jin getting up at 6am, which was the old 5am, to play computer games. And considering that we watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner From Azkaban until very late the night before, it wasn't a bad start. It was nice not to have the sun burning my eyes out from 5am also. I spent my day painting the front door of the new sunroom and installing a lock on the window. We also, the boy and I, went to Subi to buy fruit and veg. Woolies was open, unusual for a Sunday, so we bought 10 icecreams. Yum.

Once the door was finished and the sunroom cleaned we had to help in the garden. This involved digging up some irises and moving them, planting a couple of new agapanthuses, and putting down some recently purchased kerbing in the form of edging. It's come up nicely, what with the mulch that was added and trimming of the blackberry tree. Our place is starting to look like a home.

We did fall into the trap of working outside much longer than usual and so ended up visiting Dominos Pizza for tea. Well, I picked up a couple of pizzas anyway. Must have been just after 8pm before we ate tea. The girl who served me complained about getting up one hour earlier, going to school one hour earlier, leaving school one hour earlier... Then her complaints died away. One-all at this stage I believe.

This morning I had a bit of a laugh. The car yard near where I catch the bus had put their clock/thermometer reading sign two hours fast. Silly people don't realise that daylight savings just means that our clocks go one hour ahead and not three hours so that we have Eastern Daylight Savings Time.

I don't like the fact that the cricket starts an hour later in the day than normal. At work I can contact more people on the eastern seaboard during my working day. I do think that it isn't good for the water levels in our dams as people will have more time to water their gardens, which is exactly what we did tonight. There is more time to enjoy the family while it is still light and Yu-Jin even went to bed before it was dark without questioning it. He was dog tired though and who can blame him after his weekend's activities?

I'm all in favour of daylight savings. I just hope that the three year trial in the West is enough to convince everybody else of its benefits.

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Hammysmum said...

The car yard owner is dumber that Bill,eh?