Thursday, December 28, 2006

Boxing Day Sales Shopping

The Boxing Day sales have begun in WA, which stands for "Wait Awhile", after having started in the rest of the country the day before. Perhaps we have no right to call them Boxing Day sales as Boxing Day is actually the day previous.

With a forecast 37 degrees and thousands of shoppers looking for bargains it was never going to be too comfortable. I've changed a bit over the years and dipped into my pocket to pay for parking. Astounding isn't it how some people change? Marriage, and the need to maintain it, does that to a man sometimes. We slept in a bit and the sales had been on for two hours before we arrived at the six storey car park. I didn't expect to get a spot and that we would be driving to the top and back down again and have to chuff off looking for another car park. Plenty of spots, to my surprise, on the fourth level.

Man, the shops were busy. And most of the shirts and nice trousers in my size were already gone. Did manage to get a few bargains that were on our shopping list. After three hours Miky was buggered and we had to find somewhere for lunch. Jaws was the place and sushi was on the menu. They make some nice Japanese food there.

Bit of a surprise waiting for us upon our return to the car park. There was a very long queue to pay at the ticket machine. Nowadays you validate and pay for your parking prior to returning to your car and you have about another 10 minutes to leave the building without getting charged any extra. Twenty five minutes I queued up in the sun (with a little bit of shade depending on where I was standing), 37 degrees it was, only to find that of the two payment machines one was broken and the other was playing up. An angry lady, whose money the machine wouldn't accept, was informed that if she had a credit card she could make payment upon exiting instead. That was fine by me and I'd wished that I'd heard that 25 minutes earlier. By this stage the queue must have been well over the 100 people. Who'd have thought that the parking would be easy but leaving the parking would be so difficult?

Miky has, once again, become a coffee addict and we had to stop at McDonalds on the way home for a coffee. That did mean that I missed the cricket on the telly and the Aussies were pounding the Poms again.

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