Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Pied Piper Is Hammy

Recently I wrote about catching a mouse. Later that night Miky saw another one so I set the trap again and he was caught by the morning. I emptied the trap but left the walnut in it. On Saturday morning I noticed the walnut was gone. Must be another mouse on the loose in the house.

I reset the trap in the evening before heading to Bunnings to buy a pitchfork. No, I am satisfied with how well my hammer works such that I won't be chasing mice with a pitchfork. We had five cubic metres of mulch delivered to our place yesterday and the driver said that using a pitchfork meant that half the job was done. And how right he was. That stuff is very difficult to shift with a shovel and a breeze with a pitchfork. Back to the meeces. Upon our return from Bunnings I had to empty the trap. No. 3 was caught.

Reset the trap. Went to work in the front garden spreading much around the lavender, privet hedge and roses. We were all working for nearly two hours until nine o'clock. Even, pardon the pun, Yu-Jin pitched in. It was his job to fill the wheelbarrow using the pitchfork. The boy can really be helpful if you channel his energy. Back inside and there was mouse No. 4.

Reset the trap and had tea. Miky made sushi. Then we watched a murder mystery show - Midsomer Murders or something. Quite a good show. Mouse No. 5 made his appearance and was captured. This horrified Miky that there had been five mice in the house. Typical woman. Can't see the good side of things and that there were now five less mice in the house. I reset the trap, with the same bait that I'd been using all day mind you, and went to bed.

First thing this morning I find mouse No. 6. Bloody hell! What are they eating? It's not as if we have heaps of food lying around. I tell you what though, they must love the smell of the walnuts that we have. If I can find out the brand name I'll let you know. They attract mice like nothing else. And here we are in the West supposed to be experiencing a locust plague. It hasn't reached the city yet so we'll just have to put up with the meeces. They don't eat as much.


Anonymous said...

The Pied Piper of Hamelin got rid of the rats, not meeces! Just thought I would set the record straight. Nah, don't thank me. 'S'orright!

Hammy said...

Record straightened.