Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Tooth Fairy Finally Had To Visit

Nearly everyone in Yu-Jin's class has been visited by the tooth fairy. I had warned him that as it was the end of the year the tooth fairy mightn't have much money left. He'd had a wobbly tooth for about a week and Miky decided that it was time to come out. I wobbled it a fair bit but it wasn't about to pop out. We tied some thread around it and after a few tears it popped out. Ten or fifteen minutes later the pain associated with the backyard extraction was forgotten about.

Mouth full of teeth.

Mouth minus one tooth.

I had Yu-Jin put the tooth in a money bag from the bank, generally for ease of finding it. If he had placed the tooth under his pillow it could have been lost so easily. He very proudly showed me how part of the bag could be seen above his pillow to make it easier for the tooth fairy to find.

Later in the night I filled another money bag with schrapnel and put it under his pillow. Now that school holidays have begun I don't have to wake him up in the morning and give him breakfast before I head to work. Thankfully he woke up before I left and very proudly showed me the money that had been left for him. He even went as far as counting it.

It was a good day to be at work. Apparently he drove Miky nuts by talking incessantly about his tooth, the gap and the tooth fairy. The discomfort was obviously a distant memory. They got together with one of his schoolmates which was good for Miky as he was able to bother his friend with the story.

My boy is growing up.


Anonymous said...

I know this might sound stupid, but please tell me that Yu-Jin has lost more than 1 tooth! Lachlan has lost 5 (the last one i did'nt know about).

Hammy said...

Just the one.