Tuesday, December 19, 2006

People Undeserving Of Air

Just the other day a car block my bus from exiting a bus stop in the morning. Let me tell you, the mentally retarded guy in the front seat, no, not the bus driver's seat, started yelling everything that I, and probably half of the other passengers, wanted to say in the way of abuse. I kept my composure and said nothing but it worries me that the only difference between myself and the retarded bloke was that. And, I'm not too good at keeping my mouth shut.

Anyway, the wife got out of the car blocking our exit, walked slowly to the bus, the bus driver, increduously, opened the door for her, she boarded the bus, asked some questions, fumbled around in her handbag for change, purchased a ticket and smiled whilst walking to a seat. All the time she appeared oblivious to how inconsiderate her behaviour was to other passengers.

I think everyday we should be allowed to let our inner retard out and say what we think.

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