Wednesday, December 27, 2006

More Proof Required For Australian Drivers Licence?

Do we need any more proof that an Australian drivers licence should be introduced? Currently we have stupid state laws whereby you get a state-sponsored drivers licence. Learner drivers are not allowed to drive outside the state that issued their licence but probationary and fully licenced drivers are free to driver wherever they like.

I just read that an unaccompanied 17 year old learner driver from the ACT was caught doing 203 km/h in NSW.

Let's see. Learner drivers are not allowed to driver unaccompanied. Learner drivers may only driver in the state or territory that issued the licence. Learner drivers are limited to 80 km/h.

The article says that this kid can't legally drive in NSW but if he went back to the ACT he could do so because it is a different jurisdiction. How stupid is that? Let's have one drivers licence valid for the whole country and be done with it. He's an idiot in one state but that doesn't count elsewhere?

Another thing that irks me is that you can only hold a drivers licence in one state. But, if you move to another state you apply for a local drivers licence and you are not forced to relinquish your original licence. What has this country become?


Joe said...

Interesting. Our state licenses (and permits) are valid anywhere in the U.S., but the same rules apply to moving.

if you move, you need to obtain a license in your new state, but you needn't surrender your old license.

Hammy said...

Can you still behave like an idiot in another state and be allowed to drive in your own state? There's no reason to have separate state licences in this country. Just a money-grabbing exercise for the States and Territories.