Monday, December 18, 2006

Lara Bingle - What The Bloody Hell Has She Been Up To?

Lara Bingle. The face, and bikini-bound body, of Tourism Australia's "So Where the Bloody Hell are you?" commercials that featured recently. Caused a bit of a storm in Britain and not over the bikini. The Poms were more upset about the use of the word "bloody".

Nevermind that storm in a tea cup. The latest gossip is that she's been having an affair with Brendon Fevola from the Carlton Football Club. Fevola's wife, estranged I guess, has confronted Miss Bingle about this. Not a wise career move. I read today that Lara has signed a one year contract with Channel 9 but her audition for a children's program was not successful. Eddie Maguire probably wishes that he could "bone" her but not in the sense that she's attractive. More in the Jessica Rowe boning category. Eddie wouldn't stoop to the other type of boning. After all, he's a married man. Oh, so is/was Brendon Fevola.

With regards to her failed audition I'm sure that Channel 10 could offer a hostess job and create a show called "So you think you can have an affair with my husband?" That would be reality TV.

I bet that Fevola thinks he could handball this problem. It might turn out to be more of a Crow Throw though (resembling a rubgy pass instead of a legitimate handpass). And he wants to captain his football club. Looks like the right choice to lead Carlton, in my opinion.

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