Monday, December 04, 2006

Am I An A-List Bloglebrity?

Far from it, it appears.

D-List Blogger

Apparently I have linked only 9 blogs in the last 180 days. I'm sure I'm a much better name-dropper than that. There must be some mistake. I demand a recount.

I saw Lori do this. There, I'll have to check my bloglebrity status again.


Joe said...

At least you made d list!


erm...sorry. it might be funny if you said it with a sopranos new jersey-esque accent, but it probably isn't any better than way.

I'll go get some coffee now. Carry on.

Hammy said...

Thanks. I must have been close to missing it altogether.

lori said...

that's kinda sad! you need to wh0r3 yourself!

Hammy said...

Thanks for the advice Lori. It's not quite a story of sour grapes but I never had any intentions of being a bloglebrity anyway. I have to convince myself of that. I'd quickly go broke whoring myself.