Sunday, December 10, 2006

Taekwondo Black Belt Grading

As a family unit we attended the black belt grading that was held today. We missed the actual black belts but saw the red belt three tips or more correctly, first gup, taekwondoers, for want of a much better and correct word, go through their gradings. I managed to get one little 1st dan black belt guy doing his board breaking exercise.

He was pretty impressive overall and would deserve to gain his 2nd dan black belt.

Looking For A Dog

Afterwards we went to the Canning City Animal Shelter to have a look at the dogs. There were only two there, a staffy and a rottweiler cross. Not the sort of dogs that we are interested in. Miky wants to get a poodle or a maltese. I'd settle for a beagle or a jack russel. Hopefully a beagle it will be. We may have to go through the normal channels to get one though.


tmz_99 said...

just keep looking, plenty of dogs in the Malaga shelters, and there's one off Erindale rd (near the bunnings) where we got ours.....

Simone said...

Hi, here's a post I did on animal shelters in Perth. It's got links to the main shelters and websites.
We got Bailey from Poundwatch. You'd can't just go around and look, but can have a look at the website and then make an appointment.

You'd be able to find a jackrussel at the pound, and probably a cross of a maltese or other toy dog types. Beagles are harder to find.

Good luck!

Hammy said...

Thanks Simone and Tom. I found the page you indicated - Thanks for your input.

Anonymous said...

If you want a dog, get a puppy and from a breeder. Nothing wrong with a pound dog as long as you can get some history on why they're in there. Staffys are really good with kids, would trust a maltese as far as i could throw it (and that's not far!). Beagles are good to, but remember, get it from a breeder that is with the W.A.C.A. You don't have to get the papers.
Please choose carefully.
Love ya Deb

Hammy said...

Thanks sis. There will be a lot of thought to go into before actually buying one. Yes, a stray may be toilet trained but why did they become a stray? Lots to think about.