Saturday, November 18, 2006

Harvey Norman 0 : Frugal Bastard 2

Don't argue the toss with a Frugal Bastard when he's in the mood to save money. Harvey Norman recently sent out a catalogue full of pricey gear, ok some of it was competitively priced, but they also included some vouchers for FREE photos. I know, I know, it is just a gimmick to get you into the store. With that in mind I took the boy. And for some reason they delivered two of these catalogues to our household. Very nice junk mail indeed.

We each printed off our 20 free 6"x4" photos for one particular voucher and five free 6"x8" photos for another voucher. The guy at the photoshop thought that that was ok. He came running to us shortly after as we were on our way out as he didn't think that we could use two vouchers each. The voucher said, "Limit 1 per customer." Yes, I explained, but that means one voucher of that particular type per customer as it didn't say "Limit 1 voucher per customer."

Then he tried to pull me up on the "Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers" line. I explained that legally that meant if the store had an item on sale, i.e. another offer, I would be unable to use this voucher to get a further discount. Just because I had used a different voucher for a different set of prints didn't constitute me using it in conjunction with another offer.

He still wanted me to do my prints again and split them up. Fine, I told him, but that I would just come back another time to use the other free offer. I started processing my pictures again and he had a word to the manager, who must have been a smart bloke as he didn't think it was worth going through the motions of cancelling the first order and replacing it with two orders, and he then informed me as I was prepared to come back later I might as well be allowed to keep my original order.

Later when we came to collect the photos the cashier didn't like ringing up four vouchers for two people. Luckily the salesman who had given in earlier was nearby and after I pointed him out the cashier called him over. He took one look at me and said, "Paul said it's ok."

That makes two to me and none to Harvey Norman. I'm sure I mentioned the time I got a red hot price for a printer from a guy I went to uni with who used someone else's ID to offer me a cost-price plus deal at a computer shop, on an item not in stock, and I just went to Harvey Norman with this price and they knocked a further $40 off their already discounted sale price. I love putting it over Harvey Norman.


lori said...

i love your style :P

we used that tactic when getting a camera for dad.

Works well!

Hammy said...

I love getting these large national chains to come close to their advertising spiel about how good they are and what a bargain you get.

I'll be on the lookout for a camera for my missus soon too.