Wednesday, November 29, 2006

My Wife The Weather Girl

If Miky ever gets sick of her job I know another occupation that she could walk straight into. She has all the traits of a weather girl. Well, maybe she doesn't have blonde hair and unfeasonably large breasts but her weather-sense is second to none in the business.

Take this morning for instance. At 2:30 we had a very heavy storm which lasted for a few minutes but only dumped about 6.8mm according to the Bureau of Meteorology's Website. The forecast was for an early storm and morning showers. Just as I was about to leave for work I said, "It looks a bit dodgy out there. I think I'd better take my big umbrella."
Her response was that it "Would be fine". Even after pointing out to her that it was a black as a dog's guts outside she was convinced that it would be ok.

Stepping outside and it had just started raining. Miky offered me a lift to the bus stop which I accepted readily. As I alighted from the car it started pissing down.

Yes, she has all the hallmarks of a weather girl - no idea about what the future holds weather-wise. And happy to tell everyone about it.

At the bus stop some Indonesian or Malaysian guy told me that I look like his friend, Gary. "Not me mate," I informed him. He insisted that I did and that Gary caught the bus at this stop. I had to explain that this wasn't my normal stop. Didn't get a chance to tell him how sorry I felt for Gary, his poor bastard friend. I wouldn't wish my looks on anyone. Except mini me.


Anonymous said...

Wassamadda wid your looks,eh? You hansome like you Mum,no?

Hammy said...

I feel sorry for anyone that looks like me. Perhaps my personal picture is small enough so that you don't see the detail.

honkeie2 said...

I hate when ppl mistaken me for ppl and insist that I am lieing to them.....damn it I am not Ben Affleck,,,,!

Hammy said...

Ben Affleck you are not. ROTFLMAO.