Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Text-Based Blogging For A Bit

The camera is in the repair shop. There's been what appears to be a scratch on the lens for donkeys ages and I've decided to bite the bullet. Gonna cost a bit and the worrying thing is that the repairman said that it is a common problem. Apparently some foreign object gets to where the camera becomes "digital film" and buggers up the image. Couple of weeks to fix as they are a bit busy at the moment.

Great. That means that plenty of work will go on and I won't be able to photograph it. Unless, of course, I go back to using real film. Ugh.


Joe said...

I'll lend you my camera, Hammy. If I ship it today, it should be there in a couple of weeks.

honkeie2 said...

I sent my back as well, but I went out and bought a replacement for the time. It was 400$ when I got mine and now they are going for 199$, what a deal!

Hammy said...

Doesn't it just suck when the moment you spend big on an item they slash the price?!