Tuesday, November 28, 2006

When Do You Give Up Your Seat On Public Transport?

Chivalry determined that gentlemen should give up their seat for ladies on public transport. Then feminism reared its ugly head and we gents we not welcome to offer our seats to the ladies. I read this morning that due to cosmetic surgery 40 is the new 30 and that middle age doesn't start until 60.

That begs the question - when do you give up your seat on public transport? Anyone under 50 will be offended and anyone who has just reached pensionable age will contend that they are only in middle age not age old. I guess you will only be able to offer your seat to octogenarians and above although they already have their zimmer frame or gopher and shouldn't really need the seat by that stage. So, those that are old enough to be offered a seat without being offended will be too old to take it.

Just stay in your seat people.


tmz_99 said...

why not avoid public transport altogether??? I suppose if we are talking trains it is really up to Transperth to provide more carriges in peak times, to reduce the amount of people that need to stand.

David said...

I'd only ever give up my seat for old people, or anyone who actually looks like they need a seat (pregnant person, someone with a lot of shopping). I'd like to think that it would still be nice to give up a seat for a woman, but I'm sure these days she'd just come to the conclusion that you are trying to hit on her.

Hammy said...

Tom - you are heading to Japan where it is crazy to have a seat on the train. If you are two metres from the door at the station that you wish to alight then you may not make it to the platform. I'm sure you will experience some of this.

David - you have a valid point. Feminism has left a lot of women judging the motives of men unfairly. Damned if you do, damned if you don't. I did see a mid-20s bloke give up his seat for a woman in her 40s today - she looked like J.K. Rowling and spent the whole time grinning. Strange person.