Sunday, November 26, 2006

Killing Three Birds With One Stone

How do you get a trampoline for the boy home if you don't have a trailer and you are too cheap to hire one for the purpose? Easy. Buy some slabs of concrete from Bunnings that you need for the front door path that will be operational in but a few days and get free trailer hire for two hours. And while you are at it go to WA Salvage as they have 30% off storewide due to them closing down and pick up some kerbing for the front garden. Then you pick up the trampoline. Take the trailer back to Bunnings and everyone is happy.

I've still got it.


h said...

Still got what? The trailer, or the padlock on your wallet?

Hammy said...

The trailer wouldn't be free if I still had it after two hours. The padlocked wallet of course.