Sunday, November 05, 2006

Getting Back To My Best

Managed to spend some time with the missus yesterday. Mind you, she had to work until after midnight to afford the time for me. Had a cuppa and a muffin in Subi after buying the fruit and veg. Bit of a chinwag as well.

In the arvo I stained the new pantry doors. They've come up a treat. Whilst carrying out that work I had the boy wash my car. I saw him climb up on the boot to do the back windscreen. Later he rushed in and excitedly told me that he'd managed to climb onto the roof to clean it. That soon became apparent to him that that wasn't a good idea.

After finishing the doors I just had time to duck outside and give the car a once over to clean it up before driving it out to let an approaching thunderstorm rinse it for me. Who says I'm not waterwise?

Speaking of waterwise - what happens when you leave a six year old in charge of a running bath? You probably guessed it - the floor gets a good washing. He started yelling out, "Mum, you've put too much water in!" Not too bright as he should have noticed the high water level long before. Funny, the missus and I were just discussing how intelligent he was. I said that it's a pity he's not smart enough to go to medical school and Miky said that he was a very smart boy. Then came the yelling about the full bath. Within two minutes of telling me that he was smart she was telling him how stupid he was.

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Hammysmum said...

Am waiting with baited breath to see pics of your handy work.