Thursday, November 16, 2006

Something Different - Mexican For Tea

For four years we've lived here. Right near a Mexican restaurant. And we haven't bothered to try it. Last night we decided to give it a go. The place is called "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly". Most of the decore is centred on the movie starring Clint Eastwood.

Wednesday night is 2 for 1 night so it was the most appealing time. Sunday night is family night where kids eat for free. Seeing as our kid doesn't eat much and two meals are usually enough that seemed like a complete waste.

We bought nachos for the boy. They were quite tasty. Our meals were seafood quesadilla and a chicken and mushroom burrito. The thought of seafood in a wrap seemed a bit odd and not exactly what you would expect from Mexicans and it didn't work too well. Miky, the orderer, wasn't too happy with it. I dunno. It was ok. My chicken and mushroom burrito was really quite nice and probably worth the expense as a meal on its own. Very enjoyable.

We sat in the back room which didn't have airconditioning as that would have been too cold as we were lightly dressed. Acoustics in the back room weren't conducive to conversation but the setting was nice.

The food was ok and the menu was huge. I liked their motto - "Good Food, Bad Service, Ugly Waitresses...."


honkeie2 said...

"Good Food, Bad Serivce, Ugly Waitresses" hahahahahahahaha!
But I did like the movie and I love TexMex food! We have one out here that is great but its called Jose Tajos, great food, good service and the waitresses are usually top heavy and packing heat in the seat!

Hammy said...

I take it that you were a regular diner before your wife came on the scene, Honk?