Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Spot The 7 Differences

Child's play really. Remember when you sat down to two pictures that looked very similar and had to spot the differences. They usually ranged between seven and ten in number. Obviously Kim Beazley wasn't too good at this game judging by the fact that he tried to convey his condolences to Rove McManus after losing his wife, Belinda Emmett, to cancer, and confused him with Karl Rove. What an enormous political gaffe - almost as big as the man himself.

Let's play the game ourselves, shall we?

Spot the 7 differences in the pictures below.

1. Karl Rove is the Deputy Chief of Staff to President George W. Bush. As such he's probably not a barrel of laughs.
1A. Rove McManus is a comedian/entertainer/TV host.

2. Karl Rove was born in Denver, Colorado and has an American accent.
2A. Rove McManus was born in Perth, Australia and has an Australian accent.

3. Karl Rove isn't exactly thin.
3A. Rove McManus isn't fat but he isn't exactly as skinny as his wife was when she died.

4. Karl Rove has a son.
4A. Rove McManus has no children.

5. Karl Rove's wife Darby survived breast cancer.
5A. Rove McManus' wife Belinda Emmett survived breast cancer but didn't beat a secondary bone cancer.

6. Karl Rove is not well known in Australia.
6A. Rove McManus has won three Gold Logies for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television. It is not known if Karl Rove has a personality.

7. Karl Rove's name is spelt K-a-r-l R-o-v-e.
7A. Rove McManus' name is spelt R-o-v-e M-c-M-a-n-u-s.

And Kim Beazley wants to be the Prime Minister of Australia. If he can't spot the differences between Karl Rove and Rove McManus then he would probably confuse cricket with baseball and we could never have a PM who doesn't know anything about cricket.

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