Tuesday, November 21, 2006

When Is A Bargain Not So Much Of A Bargain?

I mentioned recently that on Sunday I purchased an expensive shirt in Myer. It was a JAG business shirt and the 25% discount made the price much more attractive. I have one other JAG that my mother gave me money for as a birthday present and I love it. The fit and feel are fabulous.

On Sunday one of the shirts caught my eye and when I put it on it felt nice but the look was just that of an ordinary $25 business shirt, I'm sorry to say. I wasn't going to pay that sort of money for something that didn't look the part. Miky found a few more to try on and a black and white number looked great. As I paid for it I was talking to Miky about something.

This morning I received quite a surprise to see that I had been charged the full amount for the shirt without the discount. Ouch! This just means that I'll be paying a visit to Myer on Thursday night, most likely, to rectify the situation. Can't afford to have my reputation tarnished in that manner.

And no, it doesn't seem like such a bargain at the moment.

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Hammysmum said...

Ooh, ouch! Take your eye off the ball for one second, and the blighters get you. Good luck in maintaining your reputation.