Friday, November 24, 2006

Western Australia Steps Out Of The Dark Ages

Western Australia is about to experience daylight savings. Yes, you heard correctly. I can't believe that it has taken so long to catch up to the rest of the world. It's a three year trial initially. Last time we had daylight savings was in 91/92 apparently. Some IT professionals aren't pleased but what do they think the rest of the world has been doing forever and a day?

I feel that the extra time at the end of the day will be beneficial to families and I'll probably be able to kick the footy with the young bloke after tea and before bed. There doesn't seem much point in having the sun shining in your eyes about a quarter to five every morning and trying to sleep as is the case currently. Plus, we'll be able to communicate with the rest of the country more easily as the maximum time difference will be in the order of two hours and not three.

What I find most ridiculous about the situation is that the Liberal Party has been calling for daylight savings and once it was finally introduced to Parliament they spent as long as possible trying to delay the vote. Dickheads. Politicians are the same everywhere. They all want the limelight and aren't interested if it's not their idea.

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