Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Number Plates That Caught My Eye

1GEEZER - On a 4WD. Obviously owned by a Pom. Funny.
FASHN8N - Red sports car. Fascinated with himself no doubt.
WEEBEASTIE - On a black VW Golf. Tres cool.
KORRUPT - Over-accessorised Commodore.


Joe said...

There seem to be an abundance of personalized plates over your way, Hammy.

Hammy said...

The plates cost in the order of 200 Australian pesos, and upwards of, and there are a lot of people over this way who think if they are spending $50k plus they may as well get a number plate to show off the fact that they've blown a lot of money.

It is interesting to see how imaginative the human beast is at times.