Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Slight Heart-In-Mouth Moment Suffered Today

I ducked into the city during my lunch break today to get my camera fixed. Or at least get a quote for the repair. I decided to get as close to where I was going along St Georges Tce before crossing the road but the lights at the intersection I had just passed changed and allowed pedestrians to cross. Well, ideal opportunity to cross the road. Maybe I was only 30 metres from the intersection but my first thoughts were, "I need to be 100 metres away by law to cross the road without being charged with jaywalking. Hopefully there aren't any police around.

As I took my first few steps I noticed two police officers on the opposite side of the road so, quick thinking as ever, I walked slightly away from them. To my delight they started walking in the other direction. Then, to my horror, and this is where my heart jumped into my mouth momentarily, they turned and walked directly towards me. Shock, horror, dread. Looking at them they appeared to also think that it was an ideal time to cross the road as they would only have been caught waiting for the lights by the time they arrived at the intersection. You can read a lot from people's faces sometimes.

Luckily they weren't coming to get me and didn't arrest me either. They could hardly charge me with jaywalking as they were doing it themselves. Had me worried for a moment there. Just a moment.

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Hammysmum said...

Oooh, scary! Worse than a horror movie, methinks.