Monday, October 16, 2006

Catch Australian Idol Last Night?

It was a good performance last night - the contestants' choice of song along with a guitar, if they played, and it turned out quite well. Comments on the individual performances:

Dean - He's a performer. People will go to his concerts. This boy will make it in some regard.
Damien - Our favourite. His acapella version of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Game" sent shivers up my spine. He's not quite the same class as Isaak but it was a great arrangement and acoustics. Loved it. Peformance of the night.
Bobby - This guy performs well but he's a little bit "out there". I think he definitely has a future as a producer and not so much as a singer.
Jessica - This girl is going to be a diva in the mould of Whitney Houston. She sings brilliantly for someone so young.
Chris - Good performer in each genre but he's not a star. Very good chance of making it in the future.
Ricky - Tries hard and will be successful in his chosen career but it won't be singing. He doesn't have a weapon such as a voice. Only his inability to sing lets him down.
Lisa - Honestly, this girl makes even batshit interesting. I'd rather listen to two cats fighting.

I think that Ricky will go tonight, followed by Chris then Bobby. Unfortunately with Lisa being the baby of the competition I'm sure she will get the teeny boppers votes and survive far longer than she deserves to. She has very little talent.

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