Thursday, October 26, 2006

Taking The Bus To Work

I've been utilising public transport for nearly three weeks now in my new job. Nice little 10 minute morning walk to the bus stop followed by about a 20 minute ride into the city and a further minute or two to get into the office. Home trip is a three minute walk to the bus stop followed by a 15 minute wait for a bus, 20 minute trip and about a 12 minute walk home. I nearly get my 30 minutes of exercise each day.

It's a bit of pot luck which bus I catch in the morning and on the way home. Some bus drivers are very friendly and I even struck one who greeted every boarding passenger and thanked every alighting passenger. Most will say hello but some are a bit stony-faced.

I did catch a bus with a number that I recognised but it took me to the other side of my home. I had been waiting for some 20 minutes and just decided to take it. The drop-off point was only 12 minutes from home so it wasn't too bad but it did take about an extra 15 minutes for the journey as it went the long way about it. Of course, that had to be the night that Yu-Jin does taekwondo which meant a rushed meal and then straight back out the door. Oh well, that's life.

There was a sign on the bus yesterday saying that spitting on Transperth buses was not allowed and that the drivers were equipped with DNA kits to help identify offenders. Wow, I didn't know that spitting had become such a problem. There are a few buses with wire cages protecting the driver from passengers. That's a sad sight to behold in our community.

Annoying things about bus travel are the inability to be able to fart freely, sitting next to people with "evil hands" ala Mr Burns from the Simpsons rubbing his hands gleefully, having to listen to somebody else's crap music, being unable to pick your nose and fling it out the window or underneath the driver's seat (not that I would ever do that, understand?). Surprisingly BO hasn't been a big thing. I guess I'll find out about the personal hygeine of others once summer rolls around. Not too many people seem to know each other so there isn't a great deal of chatting taking place.

I was watching the bus driver's face yesterday in the rear vision mirror when it changed to a look of horror as she realised that a truck had decided to stick its cab onto our part of the road. Boy, did she hit the brakes suddenly. Crisis averted.

It is amusing to catch the bus. I've only been rained on once but I had the brolly at the time so it wasn't a big deal.

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