Monday, October 23, 2006

Busy Weekend

The weekend seemed to be over in a flash. I worked on a Saturday for the first time in about three years. It was a strange feeling. Ever stranger that I was the only one in the office for the first hour and a half. Then a few more bodies started rolling in. Yu-Jin was dropped off by Miky just as I was finishing up. She planned to catch up with a friend she hadn't seen for some time and so we swapped kid-sitting duties.

Back home for lunch and off to taekwondo. Normal Saturday stuff.

On Sunday we all went to Bunnings to get some castors for Miky's new footstool and then I dropped Miky off at home as she had work to do. Yu-Jin and I went to Subiaco for fruit and veg shopping before some time at the playground. Then we went to the city to buy Miky a blouse whereby I got the price down from $60 to $15. Followed this with lunch where I ordered one burger but had three instead. The counter staff were new and took so long to do anything. Then they stuffed my order up by giving me two burgers, neither of which I had ordered. Finally got the burger I ordered but none of them were particularly appetising.

Just made it to the cinema in time to catch Stormbreaker. An enjoyable movie and a good one to watch with the family. After another toilet break for the boy I got his hair cut. My mum rang me as soon as the haircut started and I had to cut the conversation short as the hairdresser finished the job in about seven minutes flat. He even had time to put gel in his hair. Normally his haircut takes 20-30 mins. Now they're down in time and up in price to $2/min.

Finished off the night with Australian Idol.

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