Monday, October 23, 2006

Ten Years To The Day Since We Met

Today marks ten years since Miky and I met. That feels a little bit out there, really. Time has flown so quickly. And what have we done in that time? Well, we got married, bought a block of land, travelled a bit, bought a flat, had a rugrat, travelled a bit, sold the block of land, re-educated ourselves for three years each, sold the flat/bought a house, travelled a bit, started gardening, extended the house a little. That's about it, in a nutshell.

How did we meet - here's the story.

We've been married over nine years already so we must be doing something right. Or we've just learned to put up with each other. No, maybe she's just learnt to put up with me. That's a bit more likely.

I remember the day so well that we met. It was two days before a term deposit with the bank that I had was to mature. That makes it so easy to remember. Miky was actually doing the dishes when I knocked on her door. No wonder she took so long to open the door to a stranger at the time.

I thought of sending some flowers through Interflora or the like today but that can be hideously expensive. So I purchased a nice bunch of carnations at the markets yesterday, coz they are so well priced, and came clean with my intentions to celebrate this millstone, er, milestone. This leopard isn't changing his spots any time soon.

Now I guess I've got to find a place to go and eat at tonight. This romance stuff is neverending. Thank goodness for that.

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