Monday, October 30, 2006

Usual Sort Of Weekend

Another crazy sort of weekend. After brekkie I dropped Yu-Jin off at Korean school while I went to the library in the city and to the camera shop to see if I could get the scratch on my lens repaired. Then off to do the fruit & veggie shopping and dropped into the supermarket while I was at it. Picked up the boy and had lunch before shooting off to taekwondo. Did a modicum of shopping whilst he was busy but got to see most of his training. The new moves as a blue belt are hard work. After taekwondo we ventured to Harvey Norman to collect photos and then to Bunnings to purchase some painting frame. Had to jump on the bike and ride back to Harvey Norman to collect the rest of my photos. They had had a special whereby you could get up to 200 digital prints done per day for only 15 cents each. I'm very glad to report that the quality of the prints had not been skimped on. Much better than paying their 29 cents a print normal price.

Sunday, the day of rest. Not. As a family we went for a walk prior to breakfast. It would have been much nicer if the boy wasn't a mouth-on-legs but I guess he gets that from his dad so I can't complain too much. We've had a new front door and some pantry doors delivered. I decided to hang the pantry doors which required resetting of the hinges. Luckily I own a set of wood chisels, which have never been used, and they were very sharp. Jarrah is such a nice timber to work with. Took a few hours to hang the doors and then I had to plane 1-5 mm from one of the doors. Sanded them up and fitted some door catches. Looks beaut.

In the arvo I had the boy attend a kids' workshop at Bunnings and make a pencil box. Bought some flywire to install in the pantry door. Got home and cut the picture frame material so that Miky could make a notice/photo board. We'll see how that goes as she is going to put fabric on it. I chopped the legs on the new footstall to lower it and reattached the wheels. Whilst I was at it I fixed the broom that had just fallen apart and cut down a callistemon in the backyard as Miky has ordered a mulberry tree as a replacement. I hate cutting down native trees, especially a bottlebrush, but it won't hurt to have another fruit tree in the backyard.

Clean up took a while - wood shavings, sawn material, metal shavings and wood chips. I'll take some pics of the pantry doors when they're done. Have to stain the wood yet and I have some jarrah-coloured stain for the job.

Miky made lovely Korean-style pancakes, salad, rice and veggies for tea. We watched Australian Idol. Damien Leith was great, Chris Murphy was exceptional, Jessica Mauboy was excellent, Dean Geyer was OK and Ricky Muscat tried very hard. I think it's time for Ricky to leave and Dean has to step up. Idol was followed by the ARIAs and I have to say that Eskimo Joe, if they sing live like they last night, are an absolute must to see in concert. They blew me away with their sound. Wow, I have to buy their album along with that of Living End.

Packed a bit in for the weekend. How come I didn't get out to the golf course?


Hammysmum said...

You seem to be a better handy man than your dad. Machinary and farm gadgets he can do, DIY, no.

Hammy said...

I'm rather surprised that his DIY is a bit limited seeing as he can pull an engine right down and then put it back together again.

I wasn't flash at woodwork at school.