Monday, October 16, 2006

Bit Of A Family Weekend

Saturday morning there was no Korean school due to the school holidays. We ventured to IKEA, our favourite store, and tried hard to get parking. It is a very popular place. Yu-Jin wanted to go in the ball house, we wanted Yu-Jin to go in the ball house, so, he went in the ball house. Why they only allow the kids to be left there for one hour beats me. Miky wanted to purchase a footstool as I didn't want to make it. I have neither the time, tools, wood or inclination.

After having lunch the boy and I went to taekwondo and I did the grocery shopping. Once home I rang my friend Ben from uni to see if he wanted to join us for a BBQ lunch. He was busy at that time so we made it for 4 o'clock.

Sunday morning we went for a walk as a family down by the river. When we got home I set up the dining table as a table tennis table. I've had the equipment for a long time, just not the table. Yu-Jin and I played for quite some time. Miky made a cover for the footstool and did a wonderful job. I'll take photos later.

Afterwards we met my friend's family and went to the park in Belmont for a BBQ. Man, the flies were bad. The kids really enjoyed playing together and the park had an "active" volcano in the centre. It was good to be able to catch up with some friends. We had been planning to do something with them during the school holidays but went away for a week and then I started my new job. At least Miky and Anne can catch up later today and the kids can play together again.

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