Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Trip To Victoria - Day Three

Thought that I would feel better today but my stomach and head still felt awful. Stayed in bed until nearly 11 before we headed down to St Kilda. It was supposed to be 30 degrees in Melbourne so it was quite warm by the time we arrived. St Kilda is the place where all the posers, women with great cleavage, druggies and alkies gather and if you really want to be in the in crowd you have to have a small dog with you.

We ventured up and down Ackland St looking at the cake shops and clothing stores. Needless to say but Yu-Jin was very bored. After a $4 gingerbread man (nothing special), a $4.50 slice of Blackforest cake (delicious) and a $5.50 strawberry-flavoured drink with icecream, Miky and Yu-Jin had some sushi. I didn't feel like eating too much at all. Following that I took the boy down to St Kilda Beach, just behind Luna Park. The beach sand didn't appear to be very clean and was full of shells. A typical bay beach, so I was informed later.

Groovy shop roof on Ackland St in St Kilda.

Luna Park entrance in St Kilda.

St Kilda beach.

While on Ackland St I had a drunk almost yelling at me, very slowly mind you, and telling me that he was trying to make ten dollars. He cleared off immediately when I told him that I wasn't interested and he bothered someone else with the same story.

Back to the hotel for a sleep. Miky was quite crook by this stage also. Yu-Jin watched TV, ate some fruit, biscuits and other junk food, and was enjoying his holiday.

Just before 5pm Yu-Jin and I caught the free City Circle Tram that encircles the city and informs its passengers about the landmarks that are in the vicinity. The boy fell asleep halfway through.

Cool building in the Docklands.

Telstra Dome - where Essendon play their smaller-venue home games.

Almost the oldest orginal building in Melbourne - dates back to 1851 or 1853.

A Melbourne tram.

Celtic Hotel.

Yu-Jin catching flies on our trip around the city.

Hotel Windsor in the city.

The Mercure Hotel had a nice piece of artwork out the front.

After taking him back to the hotel I went hunting for tea. Miky wanted udon and the numerous sushi shops only sell miso soup in addition to the sushi, if you're lucky. I journeyed all the way back to Korea Palace, on the other side of the city, and they made the order especially as on the menu they had udon and tempura but neither of us would have been able to stomach the fried food. Bought a burger and chips for Yu-Jin on the way back. Hey, the boy is on holiday.

Cool shop name.

Flinders St Station.

Whilst waiting to cross the road a German tourist asked me for directions to the Grand Chancellor Hotel. After telling me that it was on a street starting with "L" I managed to locate it on my map and give him directions. It doesn't matter where you go on holidays, someone always seems to ask you for directions. When I pulled out my map he said, "You're organised." I didn't have the heart to tell him that I was a tourist myself.

After tea Yu-Jin and I went to the Rialto Observation Deck. It's situated some 235m above street level in a 253m building. Fabulous view at night time, I must say. Most enjoyable. Saw a 20 min movie about Victoria afterwards. Luckily the lookout was only five minutes walk from our hotel as it was nearly 10pm when we finished and the boy had had a big day.

Telstra Dome from the Rialto Building Observation Deck.

BHP Building from the Rialto Building Observation Deck.

Melbourne City from the Rialto Building Observation Deck.

Melbourne from the Rialto Building Observation Deck.

Crown Casino from the Rialto Building Observation Deck.

Crown Casino again from the Rialto Building Observation Deck.

Flinders St Station and some strange, tall building from the Rialto Building Observation Deck.

Bolte Bridge from the Rialto Building Observation Deck.

BHP Building again from the Rialto Building Observation Deck.

Miky, who earlier in the day had been telling me how much stronger and healthier a person she was than me, was quite ill by the time we returned.

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