Saturday, August 07, 2004

Who Do They Think They Are Dealing With?

I went to Bunnings on Friday night. We got off work early as the phones were just not ringing. I had to pick up some material to make a ceiling for the sewing room. The decision came down to plywood instead of gyprock as it would be so much easier to work with. And a bit cheaper as it turned out.

Organised the four pieces and trailer hire, which incidentally, was free. Had to give a $20 deposit though. Got back to the car and hooked the trailer on. Then the old guy from Bunnings noticed that he didn't have a flat plug connector for my Falcon. They only stocked a couple of round pin connectors. So he went to phone the supervisor.

Bunnings wouldn't let me take the trailer in case I had an accident as they would be sued. I asked if I could take a ute instead of the trailer. The question was asked but I would have to pay full hire for it. Not bloody likely.

Obviously they had no idea who they were dealing with. I remembered that I had a picnic rug in the car and some rope. I ended up tying the plywood onto the roof and had to climb in through the window.

I have managed to get a whole kitchen home from Ikea in the Falcon in one go. I've even tied a mattress onto the top of the car.

Yep, where there is a frugal bastard there is a cheaper way. Hey, that sounds like a motto.

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Nick Souter said...

nice little story frugal bastard!