Monday, August 30, 2004

Utter Disgrace

Can’t say I’m too impressed by the Australian Government and its attitude towards the Bali bombers. They basically forced the Indonesian Government to implement new terrorism laws and use them upon the Bali bombers. The Indonesian Judiciary has followed the correct procedure. Laws can’t be applied retrospectively.

There were several opportunities and other laws that the bombers could have been tried by. Murder, ownership of explosives, causing grievous bodily harm, etc. But oh no. You have to try them as terrorists. That will scare the terrorists off.

Let’s just say that some of the Australian Government’s policies haven’t been too clever but to force another country to bring in new laws for its own benefit is pretty low. And then to get all flustered when they fall flat on their faces.

I think it is more a case of crossing a bridge when you get to it. They shouldn’t have tried to pre-empt the charges and make such a big deal out of terrorism.

Olympic Medal Tally

Commentators kept going on about the record medal tally for Australia at the Olypmics. Ok, we won more gold medals than ever before and that is some sort of achievement. But how many more medal sports are there now compared with the Melbourne Games of ’56? Taekwondo, beach volleyball, trampolining, synchronised swimming and diving, the list goes on. We should be winning more medals at each Olympics.

Boxing, At The Olympics, During The Marathon

I guess we’ll never see the best boxing that took place during the Olympics. It would have taken place during the marathon when that stupid bastard attacked the lead runner from Brazil. A big guy from the crowd in a light blue shirt jumped the fence and reached the attacker before the police did. My guess is that he laid into the idiot and there would have been some good combinations thrown. Love to see the aftermath.

How bloody ridiculous. Glad to see that the runner got the bronze and the Pierre de Coubertin medal in recognition of his "exceptional demonstration of fair play and Olympic values."

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