Thursday, August 12, 2004

Bloody Bank Tellers

Fair enough. She was easy on the eye. Ok, very easy.

I went into the bank during my lunch break to pay my childcare fees. Handed over an old receipt so that she had the account details and the money and she puts the deposit through and tells me that she is just waiting for the receipt. I guess it didn't make her day when I pointed to the writing on the old receipt that "Payer Name Required" hadn't been done. So, she had to reverse the transaction.

"Name for the deposit?"
"Yu-Jin. I'll spell it for you. Y-U-Hyphen..."
She was lost by this stage. It took her so long to find the Y and then the U. Hyphen. Tricky one that. She typed in an apostrophe.

Can't say that my demeanour was too good by then and I quickly pointed out that it was a hyphen and not an apostrophe. I'm thinking that the money has to add up at the end of the day but they couldn't care less about getting people's names spelt correctly.

Needles to say, I didn't get any of that, "Have a nice day" crap.

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