Wednesday, August 04, 2004

And The Renovations Continue

On Saturday I had a friend come around so that we could do the feature wall, ceiling, lighting etc for the sewing room. But I realised early in the morning that I had booked my car in for a service and brake replacement. So I telephoned him and said that we'd be about half an hour late. Then I went to the mechanic's shop. As it turns out, I didn't have a booking. I'd only written the time that I needed to get the brakes done three months earlier on the calendar.

Not five minutes after getting home the phone rang. The mechanic wanted to know if I would bring the car in as they had had a cancellation. So I took the car back.

When we picked up my friend and brought him home basically all we could do was measure up the room and talk about what we be the best way of tackling what we needed to do. I had to catch a bus to get back to the mechanic's shop and so the morning was pretty much wasted. They hadn't finished my car and so I had to wait for about an hour. By the time I got home it was lunch time.

Following lunch everyone except Miky went to Bunnings. We wandered about like women in a clothing shop, shopping at our leisure. It was nice to spend an hour and a half in Bunnings. I wanted to get some gyprock for the ceiling but it was raining. After bumbling about finding the materials that I required and putting them in my car, I noticed that the weather was ok. So we went back inside to hire a trailer and buy the gyprock - until I noticed that all of the trailers had been hired.

We spent the next four hours sealing the sewing room with rubber which had to be cut to size. Yu-Jin surprised me by getting his own scissors and cutting the rubber without even being asked. And he made it the right size. I couldn't afford to have any cut incorrectly as I would have to go and buy some more.

The feature wall was a bit of a problem. How do you fix something between some bricks and a gutter? The answer, my friend, is to use liquid nails. I will rave about this product. It sticks wooden battens to bricks without any problems. It seals gaps without any problems. Fantastic stuff. And the feature wall came up quite well also.

Still have plenty of work to do for the ceiling next weekend.

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